Why Our Team is Excited about the Purchase of Boscloner

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Raxis has purchased the industry-dominant Boscloner electronic access badge-cloning technology from our friend and frequent colleague, Phillip Bosco.

For the benefit of those outside the pentesting world, Boscloner is basically the iPhone of physical hacking technology – except with fewer real competitors.

WARNING: If advanced technology worries you, this next part might be terrifying.

Our CEO, Mark Puckett, calls the Boscloner technology a “master key to corporate offices and server rooms.” That’s because it enables a penetration tester, often on a red team engagement, to read someone’s security badge data, copy it, and then make a duplicate with all the same permissions.

While that’s impressive by itself, Boscloner can do it without ever touching the badge and from six feet away. Even better (or worse, depending on your perspective), Boscloner eliminates the need for a badge entirely in some situations and can use captured data from one badge to employ ‘smart brute force’ to hack and duplicate others with greater privileges.

If you have a chance, visit Boscloner and check out its capabilities. When you do, you’ll be very glad that Phillip Bosco is a former Marine who truly is on the side of good and right.

You’ll also see why our own team is pumped that we’ve brought this technology in house. In fact, we did an informal survey just to get everyone’s reactions and here’s what they said:

  • Bonnie Smyre, Chief Operating Officer: “Raxis has used the original Boscloner on social engineering and red team engagements for years. I’m incredibly excited to now include Boscloner in the list of products and services we offer to our customers. Nothing beats experience… and the experience of witnessing unauthorized access to your premises using Boscloner technology is an experience that motivates our customers to upgrade their badge technology to be more secure.”
  • Scott Sailors, Vice President of Security Consulting: “I am a huge fan of the first generation Boscloner. The ease of use on a high-pressure Red Team can make a big difference. The mobile apps are a game changer. Phil Bosco did an amazing job and the next generation Boscloner is even better. I’m excited to see Raxis take over the project and build on what Phil created.”
  • Brad Herring, Vice President of Business Development: “I’m excited about the Raxis acquisition of Boscloner. I’ve used several versions of badge replicators on SE jobs, and this is by far the best one out there. It matches the excellence that customer expect from the Raxis brand and is going to be a great tool for anyone wanting to test their electronic locks and physical security systems.” 
  • Tim Semchenko, Senior Manager of Operations: “As we return to normalcy, I have been looking forward to the team having the opportunity to conduct more physical social engineering tests. With the addition of the Boscloner to their respective utility belts, Raxis now has a HUGE differentiator over the competition.”
  • Adam Fernandez, Lead Developer: “Boscloner opens up a world of opportunities for Raxis as part of our physical social engineering engagements. It’s already an amazing tool for helping our customers secure physical access to their premises, and I’m looking forward to where Raxis will be able to take the product in the coming years.”
  • Scottie Cole, Lead Penetration Tester: “It is great to be working with Boscloner. Is it an extremely powerful tool to help us show customers how their physical security can be breached very quickly if they aren’t prepared.”
  • Matt Dunn, Lead Penetration Tester: “The acquisition of Boscloner is another great example of Raxis identifying top tier security tech and utilizing it to help our customers. Staying on top of current threats is paramount in penetration testing, and the Boscloner will continue to allow Raxis to do just that.”
  • Sean Brown, Senior Penetration Tester, “I enjoy working for a company that is always on the hunt for new and innovative tools that will help provide the most comprehensive security test on the market. The Boscloner is the most recent example of Raxis’ investment in new and cutting-edge security technology. As a security consultant for Raxis, I am looking forward to using the Boscloner on my Red Team engagements, as it outperforms any other RFID cloner available on the market.” 

There’s one other reaction that’s worth sharing as well. This one from Phillip Bosco himself. As I said earlier, Phil is a friend, and we enjoy working with him frequently. Here’s what he had to say about the sale of his company to Raxis:

“As a penetration tester, the Boscloner was built out of necessity to render physical security assessments easier and more streamlined. With the industry leading talents and vision that Raxis brings to the brand, the Boscloner now has a more exciting future than ever before. There is no other group of individuals that I would rather trust with a project that has been as close to my heart as this than the folks at Raxis. I am blessed and grateful for my ongoing personal and professional relationship with this team that has spanned many years. I cannot wait to see the Boscloner grow and transform as it continues on under the direction and leadership of team Raxis.”

Phil Bosco

Red teams are Raxis’ flagship offering, and Boscloner is a force multiplier in that space. Acquiring Boscloner allows us to continue Phil Bosco’s innovative vision of bringing next generation RFID attacks to market.  It’s a chance for us to raise the bar for the industry overall and really transform how organizations look at premises security.

Security is an exciting place to be, and as the team’s enthusiasm demonstrates, we can’t wait to up the ante.


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