Three Reasons Why a Penetration Test Won’t Break Your Network

Myth: A penetration test breaks your network. 

Reality: A penetration test helps you find vulnerabilities so someone else doesn’t break your network (and your customers’ confidence in you).

This is actually a common concern we hear from potential customers. Many are worried that a pen test will damage their network by crashing a server, knocking their website offline, causing an eclipse, or maybe releasing a 5G kraken. 

In the video above I explain how we work with our customers ahead of testing to make them feel at ease and to help them understand that our profession is hacking but that our business is protecting theirs.

As I explained in the video, our pen testers aim to make as little noise as possible while they’re slinking around in your network. Our whole goal is to get in, and to not get detected or get blocked. Crashing and breaking things is the opposite of that. And we’re simply not going to perform the kind of attacks that cause actual damage.

The only scary part of our penetration tests are when you realize what might have happened if a hacker found your vulnerabilities before we did. 

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If you are ready for Raxis’ elite team of professionals to put your security to the test (did we mention they have successfully breached some of the most sophisticated corporate networks in the US?), then reach out to us here.

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