Raxis API Tool

At Raxis we perform several API penetration tests each year. Our lead developer, Adam Fernandez, has developed a tool to use for testing JSON-based REST APIs, and we’re sharing this tool on GitHub to help API developers test their own code during the SDLC process and to prepare for third-party API penetration tests.This code does not work on its own… it’s a base that API developers can customize specifically for their code. You can find the tool at https://github.com/RaxisInc/api-tool.

Here’s a basic overview of the tool from Adam himself:

The Raxis API tool is a simple Node.js class built for assessing API endpoints. The class is designed to be fully extensible and modifiable to support many different types of JSON-based REST APIs. It automatically handles token-based authentication, proxies requests, and exposes several functions designed to make it easier and faster to write a wrapper around an API and associated test code for the purposes of a penetration test. This tool is not designed to work on its own, but to serve as a building block and quickstart for code-based API penetration testing.


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Raxis API Tool
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