.be .wa .re .sc .am .me .rs
A High-Tech Take on an Old-Time Scam

Don’t fall prey to scammers trying to convince you that your domain name is about[…]

Woman holding baby and working on laptop
Remote Security Series: Stay ahead of the phishing attacks that follow COVID-19

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, Raxis offers advice to protect your employees from[…]

Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre on Atlanta Fox 5 News
Our COO, Bonnie Smyre, Featured on Fox 5 News!

Bonnie Smyre, our Chief Operating Officer, recently appeared on Fox 5 News in Atlanta to[…]

Web Attacks: Clickjacking
Web Attacks: Clickjacking

Many of the external network and web application penetration tests that we perform list ‘clickjacking'[…]

Voice Phishing - Social Engineering[Part 2]
Voice Phishing – Social Engineering[Part 2]

Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre discusses voice or phone phishing, also know as vishing, and how[…]

Phishing Emails - Social Engineering [Part 1]
Phishing Emails – Social Engineering [Part 1]

Raxis helps many companies avoid corporate and customer information leakage from phishing emails targeted at[…]

Pirate Flag: We have your data. Pay us or we will delete it all.
Ransomware – What you can do to avoid being a victim

Raxis VP of Business Development Brad Herring discusses ways to protect your company from ransomware[…]