Raxis’ Transporter Enables Remote Penetration Testing

Adapt. That one word sums up what was, for most of us, the biggest challenge of 2020 and the COVID-19 crisis that came along with it.

As the pandemic took hold, families, employers, and employees had to adapt to a new way of living. Children had to adapt to learning virtually. Parents had to adapt to working from home while caring for children and helping them with school. Pets had to adapt to everyone being home all the time. Companies had to adapt to remote work, Zoom meetings, and new ways to collaborate. 

It was much easier for some than others. Raxis, for example, has been a remote-work company since its launch in 2011. For us, working from home was literally another day at the office. For many of our customers, however, it was a major disruption with lots of implications for security. The need for penetration testing was made more urgent by the dramatic shift to WFH. The question we faced was how to go about it in a way that was both safe for our team and effective for our customers.

We did continue to travel when necessary, but the pandemic made it more difficult to get to our clients and more time-consuming to conduct our testing. Fortunately, we had another option, one that would allow us to complete internal and wireless network testing without the need for going onsite.

We developed the Raxis Transporter device several years ago as a time- and cost-saving measure for our customers. With this secure network backdoor, which can be mailed to and installed easily by customers, we can conduct in-depth testing remotely. When the pandemic hit, the Transporter became a lifeline for customers who needed our services, even if they couldn’t host us at their physical locations.

In the video above, I explain more about the Transporter, how we use it, and why it gives us another cost-effective option for delivering high-quality services to our clients.

As you heard in the video, Raxis’ Transporter is a simple-to-install device that allows our elite team of professionals access to everything they need to perform a thorough penetration test. And that’s just one of the many practical innovations we bring to our work.

All of us hope that the pandemic is on its way out, but remote work is here to stay. I’m proud to work with a company that remains way ahead of the curve for our team and for our customers. 

If you are ready for Raxis to put your security to the test, contact us. We can discuss which type of test would best suit your company and your needs. 

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