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Raxis is an Atlanta based team of exceptional computer hackers with a track record of infiltrating some of the largest and well known corporations in the world.

We're a leading provider of penetration testing services for organizations of all sizes and a proud Rapid7 professional services partner. A large portion of our work is performed for the Fortune 500, and we've also helped quite a few hospitals, local banks, retailers, and privately held companies understand their security risks. In the past six years, Raxis has experienced a phenomenal amount of growth and is one of the most trusted penetration testing firms in the country. A key difference with Raxis is that we're built by real world security professionals, and the entire leadership team has performed actual penetration testing at the highest capacities. We do not provide our customer names online for security reasons, however customer references are available by contacting our sales team.

Raxis penetration testers have transferred money from banks, obtained copies of private medical records, gained access to trade secrets, and exfiltrated entire repositories of business critical source code. All activities are performed only in a completely legal arrangement and under contractual permission with our customer.

Raxis is based in Atlanta, GA. Most of our team resides in the Atlanta metro area, and the remainder of our team works remotely in cities across the US. Not to worry, we will gladly travel to your city if we need to work in person.

Raxis works with direct clients and our two incredible business partners, Rapid7 and GE Digital Cyber Security, to perform over 300 penetration tests per year as of 2017.

Raxis, Inc.

2870 Peachtree Rd #915-8924
Atlanta, GA 30305
+1 (678) 421-4544

We're hiring the brightest and most curious hackers

If you're looking to join a small and highly focused team of ethical hackers, send an email with a cover letter and PDF resume to jobs@raxis.com.

Leadership Team

Mark Puckett

Mark Puckett is the Founder and CEO of Raxis. He's a career information security expert with over 20 years of experience working with some of the largest organizations worldwide. Mark has managed security engineers and high performance teams all across the US, Canada, Central America, and Asia for organizations like General Electric, Nortel Networks, The Home Depot, Symantec, and @stake.

From a technical perspective, Mark has performed over 100 penetration tests since 2011 on SCADA controls systems, embedded systems, large enterprise environments, large scale wireless networks, and mobile technology. Mark has the ability to cross technical boundaries in order to approach the project from all angles, including writing fuzzing or exploit code as needed in a variety of languages. His first computer in 1982 started a process of continuous learning, resulting in an extensive background in Windows, UNIX/ Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Wireless Technology and Embedded systems. He has recreated a number of well-known hacks as “historical fiction” to better market security products for customers. Mark also has a passion for cracking hashes and has developed custom software to automate the exploitation of human deficiencies in password complexity.

Mark enjoys investing, photography, and automobiles in his spare time. He holds a number of information security certifications, including the CISSP, CISM, ISSAP, and NSA-IAM. Mark resides in Marietta, GA and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.

Bonnie Smyre

Bonnie Smyre is the Chief Operating Officer at Raxis. Bonnie’s 18 years of IT experience and software development give her the perspective to understand security practices as more than abstract concepts. She's performed penetration testing for some of the largest companies in the US and spends a large portion of her time discovering and validating explicit and systemic vulnerabilities in applications, systems, and processes. Her offensive security skills are complemented by her knowledge of enterprise vulnerability management and regulatory compliance, such as PCI. Bonnie has breached countless vulnerable systems for customers through the manipulation of application parameters or injection of code. As the COO for Raxis, Bonnie is responsible for business operations, resource allocation, and quality.

Bonnie believes that assessments are focused on illustrating how effective security adds overall value to the business and how security practices can help guide the direction of the enterprise. Bonnie specializes in educating organizations in combining application security with a strong security infrastructure. She also is frequently featured on Fox 5 TV in Atlanta to cover current technology news stories, speaking from her extensive background as an information security expert.

Bonnie resides in Marietta, GA and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Brian Tant

Brian Tant is Chief Technology Officer at Raxis and brings a rich and varied background in Information Technology spanning more than 20 years. Sought after by clients for his unique blend of business acumen and technical prowess, Brian has consistently delivered value to hundreds organizations spanning the globe throughout his career. Brian currently leads the Raxis Penetration Testing and Social Engineering team.

Joining Raxis after two years at Rapid7 in a leadership role on the penetration testing team, Brian has also delivered training and spoken at conferences sessions on subjects including exploitation frameworks, adversarial techniques, threat modeling, premises security, social engineering, and vulnerability management. Specializing in network penetration testing, physical security, and social engineering; Brian articulates effectively to both technical and executive audiences alike.

Brian enjoys technology, agriculture, and beekeeping. When not demonstrating risk to Fortune 100 companies, he manages a small farm in south Atlanta with his wife and daughter.

Brad Herring

Brad Herring is VP of Business Developement, responsible for delivering sales and maintaining customer relationships at Raxis. Brad has spent his entire career working with various forms of technology and believes that actual, live-fire testing is the only way to have confidence that any system or software performs the way they should. He currently is responsible for business development, new product design, and customer sales for Raxis.

Prior to Raxis, Brad spent 23 years mastering the art of lighting, sound, and video for productions and venues of all sizes. He has successfully managed his own consulting firm, where driving sales and delivery were vital to his success.

Brad is a published author and resides in Cumming, GA with his family. He also enjoys fishing far more than the others on this team.

Scott Sailors

Scott Sailors is VP of Systems Engineering and expert level penetration tester with over 19 years of experience. Scott has worked with some of the most advanced technology systems at world respected companies, including UPS, Wachovia, and Discover Financial Services. He currently helps organizations of all sizes improve their security posture by performing real world penetration testing and security assessments. Scott currently leads systems and sales engineering efforts for Raxis and performs penetration testing consulting for clients across the country.

Outside of IT, Scott is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt and trains in mixed martial arts. Scott resides in Atlanta, GA and holds an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification.

Adam Fernandez

Adam Fernandez is a Lead Application Developer and also a Senior Penetration Tester for Raxis. Adam has a strong background in application development and hacking, which makes him one of the most qualified penetration testers around. Adam is proficient in many programming languages and currently enjoys developing in node.js with React. Adam is the lead product developer and system designer for Raxis Insight.

Adam resides in Atlanta, GA and enjoys working with embedded systems, theater controls, and home automation technology in his spare time.

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