Understanding the Why Behind Password Management

In this video, Brian will help you understand password management from the viewpoint of a hacker. It’s more than a how-to; it’s also a why-to. We’re hopeful that by seeing a little of what we see, you’ll make password management a high priority for your company.

Despite years of warning, cajoling, and even begging by security professionals, password mismanagement is still one of the most reliable (and one of our favorite) ways to breach a company network. This week, our chief technology officer, Brian Tant, continues his video series about the most common vulnerabilities we see during hundreds of penetration tests each year.

Remember: Complex passwords, unique to each account, and changed frequently are keys to effective password management and security. Also remember to check your service accounts and make sure that old passwords aren’t lingering on your devices.

Effective cybersecurity is a matter of behavior as much as it is technology. Let’s make strong password management a habit that catches on. 

Download our list of Top 10 Cyber Attacks to learn more about ways to secure your company.

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