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Raxis One is our custom developed web portal that securely delivers the services that we provide, including Red Team, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, and PTaaS. While there are some automation components to assist with asset tracking, Raxis One is an interface to human penetration testers and engineers. Since our penetration tests are not a glorified vulnerability scan, Raxis One facilitates better communication with between the red and blue teams to ensure the end result is exactly as desired.

Interested in taking Raxis One for a test drive? Reach out via our contact form and we'll be happy to setup a demo.

Raxis One UI

Asset Management

Track your security findings on each asset and even get a view from the past with Raxis One's Time Machine. We'll keep track of remediated systems too.

Real-time Updates

Login to Raxis One and keep tabs on your assessment. We update Raxis One in real time to provide status updates, reporting, and recommended course of action.

You're in Control

You've got real penetration testers on the job. Use Raxis One to ask questions, provide updates on remediation, kick off another penetration test, or stop services.

Go Back in Time with Time Machine

Our asset tracking system keeps track of the state of your vulnerabilities both in the past and currently. Simply change the date to get a view of discovered vulnerabilites that were there before any remediation efforts. Move it back forward to see the items resolved, allowing you to track progress.

Start, Stop, or Pause Your Penetration Test

Sometimes the dynamics of business can alter the timing for the penetration test. We get it, you can't always predict when you need to focus on another issue and pump the brakes on the penetration test for a little while. Simply login to Raxis One and hit the pause button. We'll stop our testing until you're ready for us to resume.

Manage Your Pentesting Project with Ease

Raxis One tracks your project from beginning to end. Use the web interface to determine current status of a penetration test, communicate with your engineer if there are any questions that need resolution, and keep track of project dates. It's a huge step up from the days of emailing back and forth or back to back meetings.

Secure Access to Reporting

The Raxis One portal is secured using two-factor authentication to ensure that your data only is accessible by the people you've designated to access it. In addition, we've built our software with security in mind from the ground up. We use a different penetration tester on our team each time we perform a test to ensure we get a new perspective. Raxis software development and penetration testing teams are completely separate from each other. We believe that finding gaps should be rewarded, not frowned upon, as that's one more closed opportunity for the bad actors.


Raxis One Specifications

  • Single pane of glass for all Raxis services
  • Start/Pause/Stop services performed by real US based engineers
  • Obtain real time updates on projects
  • Asset tracking of security findings
  • Time Machine allowing for views of prior reports or asset status
  • Project management services
  • NodeJS web application completely custom desgined and developed by Raxis in Atlanta, GA
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