Bonnie Smyre
Meet the Team: Bonnie Smyre, Chief Operating Officer

Often serving as the public face of Raxis, Bonnie Smyre is a veteran IT pro[…]

Scottie Cole
Meet the Team: Scottie Cole, Lead Penetration Tester

From first responder to penetration tester, Scottie Cole knows how to work under pressure. Learn[…]

Adam Fernandez
Meet the Team: Adam Fernandez, Lead Developer

Adam Fernandez has been a Raxis team member since 2017, an inventor since high school,[…]

Tim singing karoke
Meet the Team: Tim Semchenko, Senior Manager, Operations and Customer Delivery

Tim Semchenko’s diverse career brought him to Raxis where he now serves as senior manager[…]

Matt Dunn Mathur
Meet the Team: Matt Mathur, Lead Penetration Tester

Meet Raxis lead penetration tester Matt Mathur, a cybersecurity professional with a passion for learning[…]